I Am That I Am / אהיה אשר אהיה

by Yael Schonzeit

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"I Am That I Am/ אהיה אשר אהיה"

Original devotional medicine music. Healing hymns to soothe the soul.

This music is a gift to and from Source. Born from and offered back to the Well of Longing. An affirmation of beauty & faith. Rooted in the Ancient. A prayer for love, peace, joy & justice.


released December 19, 2017

Yael illah: vision, production, arrangement, vocals (all tracks), guitar (tracks 2-10), frame drum (track 2, 11) shruti, singing bowls (track 1).

Taya Mâ & Blissroot: Production

Arik Labowitz: recording/ engineering (all tracks) , shofar (track: 8)

Shimshai / Chaparral studios: recording/engineering (tracks: 1, 4, 6)

Surya Prakasha: djembe, cajon, caxixi, shaker (tracks: 3,6,8)

Issa Nessim: vocals, tanbur (tracks: 8, 11)

Eliyahu Sills: bansuri, ney, oud (tracks: 2,4,5,9,11)

Gabriel Knoedt: guitar (tracks: 5,10,12)

Ryan Kleeman & Overlap studios: mastering

Album Graphic Design: Navyo Ericson

Front image: Cedar Ranney

Henna art: Aliya Choudhery

Taya Mâ, the most incredible Priestess Producer, no words for the gratitude in my heart. Thank you for all that you are, bring & embody. Arik, it has been such a joy to be in co-creation together! Abounding thanks for all that you have poured into this project. Surya, Issa, Eliyahu and Gabriel, thank you for offering of your skill, beauty and heart to the music. Shimshai, gratitude for being a part of this in the beginning! To my parents. To the bright & well ancestors. To Ibrahim Baba, may his secret be sanctified. And to all of you glorious beloveds- too many to name- thank you.

Love upon Love.


all rights reserved



Yael illah California

Yael is a devotional artist, Hebrew priestess and practitioner of ritual medicine. She lives in Ohlone territory, known as the SF Bay Area where she priestesses at the intersections of music, healing, spirit, justice and ancestral memory.

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Track Name: Make Me A Temple / ועשו לי מקדש
ועשו לי מקדש ושכנתי בתוכם

v'asu li mikdash v'shachanti b'tocham

(Exodus, 25:8)

Make me a Temple and I will dwell within you.
Track Name: Trust / בטחו
בטחו ביהוה עדי עד
כי ביה יהוה צור עולמים

יה תשפות שלום לנו

Bitchu ba'donai adei ad
Ki b'yah adonai tzur olamim
Yah tishbot shalom lanu

(ישעיה כו, ד) (Isaiah 26:4-12)

Trust in Source forever and ever
Because Yah is the eternal Rock of worlds

Breath of Life, pour your peace upon us

(translation by Yael illah)
Track Name: Grande Espiritu
Grande espírito força pura da vida
hoje eu rezo com todo meu coração

Eu agradeço por sua voz que me guia
o sol, as estralas, lua cheia

Estou aqui neste planeta nesta hora
com a luz divina, com amor da mamãe terra

Eu agradeço o mar e as montanhas
e as plantas que vivem na floresta

Om shanti, om shanti om
Om shanti, om shanti om
Om shanti, om shanti om
Om shanti, om shanti om

Om shanti om, pachamama, om shanti om...

~ * ~

Great Spirit
Pure force of Life
Today I pray with all of my heart

I am grateful for your voice that guides me
The sun, stars and full moon

I am here on this planet, at this time
With the Divine Light, with the love of Mama Earth

I give gratitude to the sea and the mountains
And to the plants that live in the forest

Om shanti, om shanti om
Om shanti, om shanti om
Om shanti, om shanti om
Om shanti, om shanti om

Om shanti om, pachamama, om shanti om...

(translation by Yael illah)
Track Name: Priestly Blessing / נשיאת כפיים
יברכך יהוה וישמרך
יאר יהוה פניו אליך ויחנך
וישם לך שלום

yi'varechcha adonai vi'yishmirecha
ya'er adonai panav elecha vi'yichunecka
vi'yasem licha shalom

(במדבר ו:כד־כו) (Numbers 6:23–27)

May Goddess bless you and protect you
May The Source of Life shine her face upon you and bless you with grace
May She envelop you and fill you with peace and wholeness

(translation by Yael illah)
Track Name: In The Beginning / בראשית
ויאמר אלוהים יהי אור ,ויהי אור
וירא אלוהים את האור כי טוב

Va'yomer Elohim y'hi or, v'yihi or
Va'yar Elohim et haor ki tov

It was spoken, Light.
And so it was.

And Goddess saw the Light
And it was good, so good.

And God saw the Light
And it was good, so good.

(בראשית א:ג/ד ) (Genesis 1:3/4)
Track Name: Praise Yah / הללו
Praise Yah Hallelu-Yah!

Can you feel the beat?
Can you feel the beat?
The pulse of the Earth beneath your feet.

Praise Yah Hallelu-Yah!

כל הנשמה תהלל יה

kol ha'nishama t'hallel Yah

And I will sing my way up to the tallest mountain
All the while praying Hallelu-Yah

And I will dance my way down to the deepest valley
All the while praying Hallelu-Yah

Praise Yah Hallelu-Yah!

(תהילים ו / Psalms 150:6)
Track Name: Mama’s Prayer
Relax, breathe, surrender, believe.

Right here and right now
To my all knowing heart, I take a bow
Trusting my inner guide
All I have been seeking lives inside.

As I relax, breathe, surrender, believe.

You are the most beloved child
Of your Mother Divine
You are the most sacred child
Of your Father Divine.

Thank you for this precious life
The sweetest gift
Thank you for this precious life
I ask for grace, I ask for grace.

As I relax, breathe, surrender, believe.

Love is you are love is you are love…

Let the waters of love wash over me
Let the fires of passion consume me
Let the winds of change carry me
And let the earth, let her hold and nurture me.

As I relax, breathe, surrender, believe.

Yes I believe.

My love, my love, my love, I bow to You…
Track Name: Infinity / אין סוף
You are all there is
All there was
All there will be

היה הווה יהיה
אהיה אשר אהיה

Haya Hoveh Yiheyeh
Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh

Eres todo lo que hay
Todo lo que era
Todo lo que sera
Track Name: Tree Of Life / עץ חיים
עץ חיים היא למחזיקים בה ותמכיה מאשר
דרכיה דרכי נועם וכל נתיבותיה שלום

Eitz chayim hi l'machazikim ba
v'tomcheha me'ushar
d'racheha darchei noam v'kol netivoteha shalom

She is a Tree of Life
For those who hold Her
Her ways are pleasant and graceful
And Her paths are peace

Return us to You
And we shall return

Renew our days
As You have since the beginning of time

השיבנו יהוה אליך ונשובה חדש ימינו כקדם

Hashiveynu Adonai elecha v'nashuva chadesh yamenu k'kedem

(Proverbs 3: 18) (משלי ג, יח)
Track Name: Com Amor
Minha Mãe, Mãe terra, minha mãe

Minha Mãe, Yemanjá, minha mãe

Meu Pai, Salvador, meu pai

Meu Pai, Redentor, meu pai

Minha Mãe, com amor.
Track Name: Healing Prayer / אנא אל נא
אנא אל נא רפא נא לה

Ana el na refah na la

Cura, limpa, el alma, oh madre mia

Holy Spirit healing the soul with love

(במדבר יב:יג) (Numbers 12:13)
Track Name: Maria / קדישה היא
Oh Mamãe, eu te dou meu coração
Oh Mamãe, fonte de luz e compaixão

Kedeisha Hi
קדישה היא
Kedeisha Hi
קדישה היא


Oh Mamãe, eu te dou meu coração
Oh Mamãe, fonte de luz e compaixão


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